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Thursday, December 9


I couldn't believe that I admire, adore and like with an athlete... surprising me... I'm the only non-Malay aka non-Muslim that admire this GUY... Ohhh... NORSHAHRUDDIN MAD GHANI. Malaysian Takraw player that perform on 16'th Asean Sports at Guangzhou last month (12-27 Nov). Know 'bout him a bit. Not too much... arghhhh... I really adore him. BTW, he's so cute when he smile... neither score the point during match or nt scoring it, he's still smile... I LIKE!!! 

I like this Pic... he doing some kick. This style called as Roller Spiking...Can't believe he can turn him self 360. AWESOME!!!

Spinning around your body... 

See the way Norshahruddin Mad Ghani do his ROLLER SPIKING... 360...

I like his smile... So cute!!! Super-CUTE!!!

So, we've got silver medal for this takraw match. It's ok... You all already make MALAYSIA so proud. I really proud that our regu manage to get into final and meet Thailand. Yay... nway, they already do their BEST!!! 
When comes to round-robin match... we also got silver medal... it's ok guys... meet with Thailand again. I'm really sad 'coz we lose to Thai again. Nway, they did the BEST. Yet, I believe that in the future they can beat Thai. Who know... ALL THE BEST FOR OUR REGU FOR THE NEXT MATCH... Luck be wit you... 

haha... malay la plk. Haha... pe pn pas ni ku xkn miz 1 pn match takraw la. haha... ku ni dh mint gler ngn shahruddin. tah npe, yg pasti ble die senyum nmpk mcm seseorg yg ku knal. haha... seseorang yg jauh dr ku n yg ku ske sgt2.. haha... kehe ku ni... merapu je. pe pn kpd Shahruddin, awk mmg t'baik. sy salute ngn awk. ni la kli pertma mint takraw. hehe... NORSHAHRUDDIN MAD GHANI SAYA TETAP AKAN SOKONG AWK SMPAI BLE2... (SEMANGAT M'SIA BOLEH) 


  1. haloo:)..
    awk minat die gak ye..
    comey kan..hihi..syuke..

  2. so surprised..he got so many attention esp from gals..but shah..keep up ur good work..i do blieve u can do better - long time no c frens-

  3. dear siti: a bit attention. btw, is bro shah ur fren? i mean ur word juz like u know him long time ago? am i rite? im juz wondering. hmmm...

  4. he's just a fren of mine. Dun wori ;)

  5. THX... thx... bb sudi bce POST ni... :)

  6. minat gak ngan norshahruddin ni...:)) wink2

  7. @Anoymous : haha... minat n kawan sy gak tu... huhu... :)

  8. He's My Ex-bf on 2007-2008... sgt bodoh sbb tinggalkan dia...sigh.. T_T... true story...he knows me...


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