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Monday, July 11

Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss

For this 5 days holiday, it was so bored... 
Until I found this game. Basically it is a some kind a novel-game.

“Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss” is a novel type dating simulation game, depicting a forbidden romance between a princess (a player) and a mononoke (a handsome humanoid monster). The story starts with a scene in which mononokes attack a castle. All of a sudden a mysterious beautiful man appears in front of the princess and saves her from a danger; they leave the castle to escape from the mononokes. At first the princess feels uneasy about the man, but as they spend time together, she has started to fall for him.

Good God... Currently I was at Chapter 6 Episode 1. 
I'm waiting for my "Power" to recover before continue to the next episode.
I was so so so EXCITED & really can't wait to finish this game. 
Am totally gone crazy to see this Raizo guy. Hahahahaha... *smirk smile* 
My goal is to achieve Happy Ending. 
Ok... Gambatte for me. Yoshhhhhh... =)

Raizo & ******
Ohhh... this my ID : CtB0pAUwZu
Sakura-chan will be in action. =) 
Sayonara, itte rashai, minna. 
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