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Saturday, July 24


Yesterday, is my birthday. I'm 20 years old now. My wish is I wish I could get a JOB... Yes, A JOB. So, that I can help my parents. Hmm... Semoga TUHAN memberkati hidup ku ni. Mempermudahkan rezeki utk ku. Thanx to all my frenz 4 ur birthday wish yesterday. T'haru... huhu... x kira melalui sms ato FACEBOOK. Thank You very much, May God Bless U All Owez... AMEN. Even yesterday some matter is "BAD" coz of small matter. I hope they understand the situation. Too rushing, hushing my uncle. POINTLESS!!! I didn't say them as a Bad person, but they juz don't get it. Hmm... hope God will make them realize the real situation. Amen. I don't want to bother thinking of this 'remeh-temeh' matter.

I've got Good NEWS... Eventhough it's not consider as GOOD NEWS despite as LUCK 4 me. A guy wanted me to do something that can impress him & love me if I do. SOMETHING that consider as good matter. Don't think -ve. Hahaha... COOKING!!! haha... That's really funny, bt make me smile. Thx... I will try if that can impress ur Heart toward me... hehe... May God bless both of us, Amen. ^^

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