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Monday, July 12

X-Bf & New Crush!!!

Mlm ni, tbe2 je t'ingtkn dia... of 'cos my x-bf. Hmm... sometime i do miss him a lot. Ya, for 7 years we built our relationship together, then suddenly I found that he cheated on me. Oh My God... only God know my feeling that day. For 2 month I cry, and cry alone at nite... 'sigh...' Everynite I'll pray hope that he come back to me... but there's nothing happened. I believe one day God will answer my prayer. I do Love HIM SO MUCH... I Miss Him So Much... Damn!!!
At the nite Gawai rami on 2'nd of June, I saw him. Oh God, my heart pounding very fast as I watch him 4 a quiet long time. But I can't meet him at that time, cuz of the crowd. There's too many people at the balai raya to celeb our Gawai day. Luckily, I can ease my broken-hearted with 'lepak2' with my cousins... haha... I'm enjoy that nite with them, spending time together, joget(really enjoy it...), & I've crush to my own cousin. Hehe... I juz call him as ABOK. Oh My God... I did crush to him coz he hold my hand for take me to inside the balai raya of cos for joget. I really happy at that time... He's TOO SWEET 4 me... HOHOHOHOHO!!! KIND, GORGEOUS, SWEET, CUTE, GOOD-LOOKING GUY & bla, bla, bla... huhu... ^_^ We exchange our phone number. Hehe... After the Gawai rami over about 4am, I do still dreaming if me & Abok still sit together side-by-side... I think I must be 'GILA-GILA' cos thinking of him hold my hand... Haha... Until now, I still can't forget 'bout him... (Sori cousin... I do admire u silently...)

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