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Wednesday, February 29

ISTAF Super Series 2012, South Sumatra Palembang, Indonesia

De yang minat Sepak Takraw tak kat sini...
Sila angkat tangan anda???
Well... I'm the one die hard fan of SepakTakraw...
Actually Malaysian Sepak Takraw.


Lately, I've been busy with my work
No time for knowing anything about my favorite sport.
And for me to be up-to-date person to know sepak takraw
I always bring my smartphone with me so I can surfing net to know the sepak takraw news.

And I know Malaysia lose to Thai...
I know some of my friend felt disappointed by the losing of Malaysia team to Thai.
But for me it's ok. Because Malaysian team did the best.
And it's not easy for them to fight with others team until they manage to get into final stage.
Because one of Malaysian team (Norshahruddin Mad Ghani) told me before, it's not easy for them. 
They have to struggle more and more for doing the best.
This is not for his pride only, but for our Malaysian pride.

Ok... Ok... stop babbling around Stephanie...
Haha... Sharing some picture... 
Here we are... =)

Heyy fren... I know u already did the best... And I know u will kept ur word to malaysia fans that u will do the best next time. And I know that u will be the best and defeat ponchai someday. I'll pray for that. AMIN. =)

All picture taken from Official Sepak Takraw FB Page... 
Hoping for the best for our team next time... =)


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