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Wednesday, September 12

New Header (REFRESH)

HI, HI Dearest bloggers...
Today I would to share my new header for my blog.
It's been 2 years & 2 months involved with "My Little Angel From Heaven".
Having such a great moment with my blog, I had a really great time learn something new everyday through other bloggers.

~~My old-doodie header~~ =)

~~My new header for my blog~~

As you can see, I just make it simple. Yes, I'm a simple person as I am always depend on those 6 words; Laugh, Love, Life, Joy, Faith and Fun.
If you guys did realize that on my previous header and new header, I'm used different laptop.
Guess what???
Ya... That's my new laptop. My old laptop is 'rosak sudah'. hahahaha... 
K, wishing all the readers had a nice today. =)


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